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The type of pocket spring mattress represents today the most suitable solution for making high quality spring mattresses with excellent personal comfort, guaranteeing the right support for the body during rest. This structure in fact allows the spring system to respond adequately to the individual stresses of the body.



Supporting structure with a choice of independent pocket springs with differentiated bearing capacity or traditional Bonnel springs
to improve the comfort of the single person. It is also possible to differentiate the two mattresses, one with Bonnell springs, one with
bagged. Box with perimeter reinforcement in high-density open-pore Elastol®. Interposed protective support
between suspension and comfort layer. Stretch underlining to protect the box when unlined.


Padding with "topper" to guarantee an enveloping contact in slow-return viscoelastic memory foam h. 5
cm. Soft white washable, breathable and anti-mite fiber completes the pleasant contact effect. Upholstery fabric
stain-resistant removable cover washable at 30 ° in quilted padded mesh to maximize comfort.
On request it is possible to cover with special fabrics.

1. Traditional Bonnell spring 136 / sqm. 2. Individually coated spring 260 / sqm 3 zones.


Inside the mattresses: Extraform and Granbenessere. It is characterized by the very high quantity of springs present per square meter (over 1000) which translate into more than 3000 springs inside a 200x160 mattress. This system, called 3000 springs, allows you to further reduce the independence points by increasing the number inside the mattress in order to obtain maximum comfort. The subdivision into 7 zones of differentiated lift, calibrated according to the part of the body that rests on it, contributes to maximum personalized comfort, adapting to the natural shape of the spine and the whole body.


Inside the mattresses: Supersonno, Superenergy, Grantopper and Supersoft. It is characterized by a subdivision into 3 zones of differentiated lift, calibrated according to the different parts of the body: head-shoulders, trunk and legs. The 800 springs system is distinguished by a density of about 260 springs per square meter which translates into over 800 springs inside a mattress of the size of 200x160.

In the independent pocket spring system, each spring is individually covered with a non-woven fabric sheath; this allows each point of the system to have total freedom of movement. When a spring is stressed, and therefore compressed, it yields independently from the others surrounding it; in doing so, the support adapts to the shape of the body and prevents the formation of pressure points, also reducing the transmission of movements from one partner to another. In our product range, we use two different types of pocket springs.

Difference between 3000 springs and 800 springs


It is the system that completes the spring to offer correct and lasting support. The box is made from two sheets of Elastol® or memory to offer greater comfort and the edges are reinforced by high-density open-pore elastic foam strips. Depending on the mattress model, the sheets can have a thickness of up to 3 cm and can be reinforced by a protective support inserted in contact with the spring. The box system is present in all pocket spring and Bonnell mattresses except for models with a height of less than cm. 15.


Structure 3000 ca supermicro independent springs (double version) with differentiated bearing capacity to improve comfort. Box with perimeter reinforcement in high-density open-pore Elastol®. Protective support interposed between the spring system and the comfort layer. Standard comfort made with a shock-absorbing layer in open-pore Elastol® or memory made with a shock-absorbing layer of breathable viscoelastic memory foam. Stretch underlining to protect the box when unlined.


Stain-resistant, antibacterial and breathable hypoallergenic fiber fabric. Soft hypoallergenic fiber padding. Embroidered panel with numerically controlled quilting. Perimeter band with 3D fabric to promote perspiration. Perimeter zip on 4 sides for the complete shell removable cover of the individual panels. Washable 30 °.

On request it is possible to cover with special fabrics.
Optional anti-stress massage system.


The properties of silver were already known and used thousands of years ago. The ancient Romans were the first to use the "magical" healing properties of this precious metal, from thin sheets on wounds to containers to keep drinking water. Until the discovery of antibiotics in 1938, colloidal silver was considered one of the fundamental treatments for infections. Silver is capable of destroying all harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses in a relatively short time; it has been shown to be safe and effective against more than 650 infectious diseases, while chemical antibiotics are for only half a dozen. A modern application of these properties is X-Static, a fiber formed by a layer of 99% pure silver, permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. The result of years of research, design and testing, X-Static is a fabric with excellent textile and tactile characteristics, capable of making the most of the prodigious advantages of this precious metal. In the UK, X-Static is also used to produce pajamas worn by patients during hospital stays for the prevention of post-operative infections transmitted in the ward.
Antimicrobial and anti-odor properties, bacteria are one of the causes of the formation of bad odors, X-Static eliminates 99.9% of the bacterial load in less than an hour.
Antistatic and antistress properties
Small amounts of X-Static fiber are enough to dissipate the electrical charges. An advantage for the body that can disperse tensions during sleep with a significant psycho-physical benefit.
Thermoregulation properties
Due to its reflection characteristics, low radiance rate and thermal conductivity, a mattress covered with X-Static fabric is cool in summer and warm in winter.
Anti-allergic and anti-mite properties
The silver emanates ions that open the membranes of the bacteria, preventing the latter from reproducing, therefore the mite, not finding something to eat, does not nestle in the mattress. X-Static effectively fights mites reducing their presence by 94.1%.
Non-toxic properties
Silver is 100% natural and X-Static contains no chemicals or pesticide residues and is therefore safe for the user. Further performances are achieved thanks to the Coolmax fiber inserted in the fabrics with X-Static silver. The Coolmax fiber, combined with the X-Static fiber, keeps the fabric always dry and fresh thanks to its breathable properties. Coolmax is an excellent regulator of both skin temperature and body hydration; it allows the moisture released during the night's rest to be removed from the body very quickly. Comfortable, the fabric gives a feeling of freshness and well-being to the whole body and guarantees correct thermophysiological comfort.


The Aloe plant is said to be miraculous. Its virtues are innumerable and its therapeutic properties make it an unparalleled healing plant. Already the Egyptians 5000 years ago had discovered its healing, coagulating, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. This succulent plant from Africa, grown in Asia and America has such virtues and properties that medicine until the 1960s used them for the treatment of many diseases. A plant with 1000 properties.
• It is an anti-inflammatory, fungifuge, antibiotic and regenerator
• It has a strong content of enzymes that help to better assimilate essential nutrients and to purify the body
• Reduces the side effects of medicines and strengthens the immune system, helping our system to eliminate accumulated toxins
• It has a broad spectrum of nutritional and healing properties, is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes
• Regenerates the tissues respecting the normal rhythm of cell development.
• It is a means of natural purification
• Penetrates the tissues very quickly
• Anesthetizes the tissues with which it is in contact, with an in-depth action
• Reduces fever
• Stops the itching
• Accelerates the healing phase
• Promotes cell proliferation


The treatment developed by Simam consists in the application on the tissue of millions of infinitely small microcapsules containing the essence of Aloe Vera, transforming the tissue into a vehicle for well-being. The microcapsules in contact with the skin or with a simple movement, "open" releasing the beneficial substances contained in them that are absorbed by the human body, positively influencing some important functions such as sleep, awakening, attention. The fabric gives a feeling of softness and freshness to the contact of the body, as the surface
of the fabric is pure viscose. All this favors the well-being of the person.


Ultra-Fresh® fabric: anti-mite, antibacterial and antifungal. It is recommended by specialists in case of allergies to mites. Ultra-Fresh® is an anti-mite treatment that helps eliminate dust mites that inhabit the bed environment, promoting a better night's rest. The Ultra-Fresh® anti-mite treatment for fabrics has been developed in compliance with the highest safety standards. Ultra-Fresh® additive is such an effective antimicrobial agent that limited quantities of product are sufficient to ensure effective control of microorganisms. Washable at 30 °, fabric with stain-resistant treatment.


Even in nutrition, chamomile is often used for its well-known relaxing and relaxing properties; so Simam, through numerous research processes, uses these properties to offer natural products of superior quality. The aromatherapy treatment uses nanotechnology to allow the fabric to retain the essence of the chamomile. During sleep, and with every movement, the microcapsules contained in the fabric open, releasing the soothing aroma of chamomile that will facilitate a relaxing rest. The aromatherapy microcapsule technology used by Simam is an innovative process that derives directly from the natural aromatherapy treatments used in wellness care. The aromatherapy technology resists a cycle of about ten washes. Washable at 30 °.


Lavender is a plant native to the Mediterranean regions whose flowers have the ability to refresh and perfume the environment. Its essence acts as a natural mothproof. Lavender “tastes clean” and its scent immediately brings to mind ancient memories, of grandmother's scented and rough linen. But its use has its roots in an even more distant past. Already the ancient Romans used to perfume the water in which they washed with lavender; the name of the plant seems to have originated from here. Properties of lavender: analgesic, deodorant, antiseptic, relaxing, antidepressant. Washable at 30 °.


The anti-mosquito fabric has a special structure that makes it unique in its kind. Millions of microcapsules are permanently inserted on the surface of the fabric and resistant to about 10 washes; the microcapsules, stimulated by the pressure of the body lying on the mattress, open to release a citronella-flavored substance that has a repellent action for mosquitoes. The product contained in the microcapsules is dermatologically tested in the laboratory and is safe, non-toxic and anti-allergic. It protects not only from all types of mosquitoes, but also from many other insects and mites. Washable at 30 °.

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